A New Currency: Older Single Women

A 20 min sound-piece collage of interviews and occasional sounds. Voices are panned. Listen on headphones if you can.

Downloadable on Bandcamp for free / donation.

A New Currency


Debut album. A mix of grief-sticken, defiant, sad, kind of comic, home-bound break-up tracks. £4 by download:



I’m always up for doing gigs; contact me if you’d like me to play. Especially as part of diverse line-ups and / or fundraisers for good things…


What people have said about Dob Dob Dob:

Ben: “It was like Twin Peaks in real life”

James: “You’re doing this so we don’t have to”

Folk Tales, Bristol: “Lo-fi melange of sweet singing, poetic words, rawness and racket!”

Louise:“I know it was not funny but how I laughed”

Lucy: “It was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard”; SJ: “Could you still hear the lyrics?”; Lucy (nodding slowly with aghast face): “Every word”

Undergrowth, Bristol: “From her previous incarnation as Bernadette Pike…Dob Dob Dob emerges like a phoenix with a flame thrower! Honest, bold, take no prisoners songs disguising a wry, literate way with words. Dob Dob Dob will not only do her best, she will make you better”

Previously Sarah-Jane was one half of the band “Strange Billy the Saint & Bernadette Pike”. Their music can be heard/bought here:


Am super-happy to be part of the Sanctum project at Temple Church; this runs 29 October – 21 November BUT IT’S A SECRET WHEN EACH BAND / PERFORMER / SPEAKER IS ON. Turn up! It’s free!

sanctum_poster_SCREEN copy

ALBUM LAUNCH! Tuesday 20th October upstairs at the Greenbank Pub in Easton. Support from Carter, Pip Taylor, Suzi Lamb and B.O.S.O.M seasonal community band. Mix of electronica, experimental, cricket (or maybe snooker), hearts and guts. Possibly free. Come along!

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