Women in Adventure film competition 2018 – The Salty Dance Floor

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So Sandro came up to me in Bloc and said Let’s make a film and we went to Pembroke in December in 48mph winds and pouring rain. AND THEN THE SUN CAME OUT!

All the films are up on BMC TV right now…


Photo credit: Mandi Dodson





A Message to Alan

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So I’m a quarter of my way through the Masters, based in Linköping, Sweden, in Gender Studies, Intersectionality and Change; am just starting to make some short films; wrote 4 poetry collections in 2016, three like EPs, one like an album; my new year’s resolution is to tell people about them; especially you Alan, who upbraided me for my lack of communication at the climber’s party in the Miner’s Arms. Happy 2017!